Eighth International Conference on Science and Technology in Archaeology and Conservation (STAC 8) in Amman (Jordan)

Eighth International Conference on Science and Technology in Archaeology and Conservation (STAC 8) in Amman (Jordan)

Riconoscendo la crescente domanda di un approccio multidisciplinare e inter-settoriale e di una politica partecipativa nella conservazione, la promozione e la protezione dei beni culturali, la VIII° conferenza internazionale sulla Scienza e la Tecnologia in Archeologia e la Conservazione, si terrà ad Amman dal 21 al 25 maggio 2017 con sessioni tematiche dedicate alle Scienze, le Tecnologie, la Conservazione, le Politiche, la Legislazione e l'Economia applicata al patrimonio culturale. E' aperta la Call for Paper.

Acknowledging the increased demand for an inter-sectoral, multidisciplinary approach and a participatory policy in cultural heritage conservation, promotion and protection, the basic format of the conference remains open with thematic sessions dedicated to Sciences, Technologies, Conservation, Policies, Legislation and Economics applied to cultural heritage.

Nevertheless, more than in its prior editions, with contributions from experts of different disciplines this conference will focus on the problems of management of cultural heritage at risk analysing this key issue under different perspectives offering a ground for an exhaustive debate aiming to present the most recent experiences made and policies introduced for the protection of cultural heritage under extreme circumstances.

The accreditation and the role of national and international NGOs and Civil Society Organizations in the concrete implementation of the international conventions and laws for the protection of cultural heritage alongside and as major interlocutors of the national and local authorities in charge will be explored.

Participants from public and private sectors, concerned national and international agencies, local and regional authorities, universities and research centres, specialised NGOs and CSOs, professional associations but also well aknowledged individual experts will contribute to the conference and will exchange their experiences in the very special environment offered by the hosting country.

We will be pleased to welcome you in Amman to share with you experiences and ideas, develop strategies and new concrete initiatives to enhance the positive impact of our efforts for the conservation, promotion and protection of cultural heritage, under any kind of threat.

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