Archeomatica International is now available online

Archeomatica International is now available online

The digital publication of the special issue of Archeomatica International is now available online. In this number, we host a variety of articles dedicated to many fields of the scientific research such as digital reconstruction, micro-Raman spectroscopy and ENEA technologies.

Archeomatica,  published since 2009, is the first Italian magazine for dissemination, promotion and exchange of knowledge on technologies for the preservation, enhancement and enjoyment of cultural heritage. Publishing about technologies for survey and documentation, analysis and diagnosis, restoration and maintenance, museums and archaeological parks, social networking and "smart" peripherals. As a reference point in the field is the sharing media for the industry, the professionals, the institutions, the academia, including research institutions and government agencies.


Archeomatica International - Cultural Heritage Technologies
Quarterly Magazine, Volume VIII
Issue 3 Special Supplement December 2017



    6 The new findings from Antikythera mechanism front plate astronomical dial and its reconstruction
    by Aristeidis Voulgaris, Andreas Vossinakis, Christophoros Mouratidis
    20 COBRA Project: a successful technology transfer and scientific divulgation method
    ENEA opens its labs to improve cooperation with SMEs and CH Institution
    by Beatrice Calosso, Roberta Fantoni

    26 Nurnet – Geoportal
    by Valentina Spanu, Eva Barbara Lorrai, Laura Muscas, Roberto Demontis

    30 Aerial Ostia. Before and After E42
    by Massimiliano David, Gian Piero Milani, Roberto Cassanelli
    38 Application of micro-Raman spectroscopy for conservation projects in art and archaeology with a case study on Cappadocia rock-hewn wall paintings
    by Pietro Baraldi, Cecilia Baraldi, Claudia Pelosi

And Sections:

  • 36 COMPANIES AND PRODUCTS - State-of-the-Art Solutions
  • 44 AGORÀ - News from the world of Cultural Heritage Technologies
  • 46 EVENTS


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