In Archeofoss 2020, Simone Berto and Emanuel Demetrescu presented a 3D add-on software for digital replicas, developed by Virtual Heritage Lab of CNR ISPC of Rome, and its application on an archaeological site (abstract in

Integration between traditional archaeological survey and photogrammetry is now a generalized and established practice, especially thanks to technological development. The authors’ goal is to show a methodology developed inside an open-source software (Blender) and its application on archaeological sites.

The contribution wants to describe the applied methodology using this software to manage entire photogrammetric datasets, exemplified in the case of the Roman Forum at the archaeological site of Nora (Sardinia, Italy).

The add-on, called 3DSC (3D Survey Collection), brings together a lot of useful tools, among other things, for importing, georeferencing and editing data. At the end, it generates a photogrammetric survey of the entire complex of buildings.

The latest release of 3DSC is a newly rewritten version of the previous 2019 one, and presents major innovations, with new modules.

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