VIII Workshop Internazionale "Digital Approaches to Cartographic Heritage"

cartographic heritageLa Commissione ICA per le Tecnologie Digitali nella Cartografia Digitale e la Socetià Geografica Italiana organizza a Roma il 19 e 20 settembre 2013 l'ottavo Workshop Internazionale sul "Digital Approaches to Cartographic Heritage".

L'evento è organizzato grazie al sostegno di numerose istituzioni internazionali: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Eötvös Loránd University, Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya, National Library of Scotland e l'Università IUAV di Venezia. 

E' ora disponibile il programma.



Thursday, 19 September 2013

08:30-09:30      Registrations

Opening, Welcome

09:30-10:15      S. Conti, President, Società Geografica Italiana

                        M. Colombo, Metis Systems S.r.l.

                        E. Livieratos, Chair, ICA Commission on Digital Technologies in Cartographic Heritage

10:15-10:30      L. Zentai, Secretary-General and Treasurer ICA, The way to Cartography 2.0: The implementation of the Digital Technologies in Cartographic Heritage in Cartography and in the ICA

10:30-11:00      Coffee Break

Session 1         Digitization, Digital represenation

11:00-11:15      K. Ambrožová, M. Talich, Digitization of old globes

11:15-11:30      I. Iosifescu, A. Tsorlini, L. Hurni, Towards a comprehensive methodology for automatic vectorization of raster historical maps

11:30-11:45      H. Pridal, P. Pridal, HTML5 WebGL technology and scanned old maps

11:45-12:00      R. Simon, P. Pilgerstorfer, L. Isaksen, E. Barker, Towards semi-automatic annotation of toponyms on old maps

12:00-12:15      P. Vernier, M. Ballarin, Digitization of maps belonging to cultural heritage

12:15-12:30      B. Costes, Matching old hydrographic vector data from Cassini's maps

12:30-12:45      M. Colombo, Maps accurate digital reproductions can only be guaranteed by high quality and high geometric precision scanner

12:45-13:00      Discussion

13:00-15:00      Lunch Break

Session 2         Digital Analysis and Interpretation of Historic Maps

15:00-15:15      E. Dai Prà, M. Mastronunzio, Rectify the river, rectify the map. Geometry and geovisualization of Adige river hydro-topographic historical maps

15:15-15:30      I. Ļaviņš, Islamic geographical tables and their place in Cartographic Heritage

15:30-15:45      E. Livieratos, C. Boutoura, A. Koussoulakou, N. Ploutoglou, M. Pazarli, A. Tsorlini, Karten von Attika: Delving into the geometric and thematic content of a monumental map series of Greek Cartographic Heritage

15:45-16:00      M. Piccardi, Small, medium and large scale maps in coastal studies. What happened to Arno’s mouth between the XIVth and the XIXth cent.?

16:00-16:15      M. Pazarli, N. Ploutoglou, "Melito nunc Meleda…": A cartographic comment on historical maps of Apostle Paul's journeys.

16:15-16:30      A. Metcalf, Water for a City: Using geo-referenced maps and geo-located images to enrich the history of Rio de Janeiro’s fountains

16:30-16:45      Discussion

16:45-17:00      Coffee Break 

Session 3         Digital Analysis and Interpretation of Historic Maps - Urban Cases

17:00-17:15      C. Balletti, M. Calzavara, F. Guerra, M. Mazzanti, Walking through historical maps of Venice

17:15-17:30      P. Buonora, S. Le Pera, L. Sasso D'Elia, P. Micalizzi, S. Magaudda, G. De Marco, Descriptio Urbis – A WebGIS to reconstruct urban landscapes of Rome

17:30-17:45      K. Lelo, C. M. Travaglini, Historical Cartography and the study of urban cultural heritage: The case of Rome in the 18th century

17:45-18:00      E. Arioti, G. Bitelli, G. Gatta, Analysis in a digital environment of the multi-storey arrangement of the Gregorian Cadastre of Bologna (Italy) - XIX century

18:00-18:15      B. Vannieuwenhuyze, The "Digital Thematic Deconstruction" of early modern urban maps and bird’s-eye views

18:15-18:30      Discussion

19:00-21:00      Dinner


Friday, 20 September 2013

08:30-09:00      Registrations

Session 4         Georeferencing, Digital Processing, Map Content

09:00-09:15      M. Meini, D. Adducchio, D. Ciliberti, G. Di Felice, The landscape of transhumance. From historic maps to GIS intelligence

09:15-09:30      Zs. Bartos-Elekes, G. Timár, Z. Imecs, Zs. Magyari-Sáska, Georeferencing the topographic map of Wallachia (1855–1864)

09:30-09:45      L. Cassi, L. Calzolai, F. Zan, Transhumance and virtual globes

09:45-10:00      J. Pacina, Information system for preservation of old maps and aerial photographs in areas affected by open-cast mining

10:00-10:15      G. Timár, Zs. Bartos-Elekes, V. Crăciunescu , C. Flueraru, Z. Imecs, Zs. Magyar-Sáska, Danger doesn’t vanish with the Dykes: Comparison of the inundation pattern of the 2006 Danube floods and the historical topographic map of 1864 of South Romania

10:15-10:30      H. Dupont, Denmark seen from above: Crowdsourcing aerial photographs

10:30-10:45      V. Baiocchi, M. V. Milone, M. Mormile, K. Lelo, Georeferencing historic cartographies: methods and accuracies evaluation

10:45-11:00     Discussion

11:00-11:15      Coffe Break

Session 5         Map collections, Digital Maplibraries, Archives, Web

11:15-11:30      R. Afferni, The experience of Geolat group about the project DAGOClaT – Digital Atlas with Geographical Ontology for Classical Texts

11:30-11:45      A. Tsorlini, I. Iosifescu, C. Iosifescu, L. Hurni, A methodological framework for analyzing digitally historical maps using data from different sources through an online interactive platform

11:45-12:00      M. Calzavara, F. Contò, M. Gnesutta, M. Mazzanti, F. Rizzi, The digital archives of Veneto's aerial photos

12:00-12:15      I. Drecki, New Zealand Cartographic Heritage: 150 years of government mapping

12:15-12:30      A. Guarducci, G. Lauricella, L. Rombai, The "Toscana Tirrenica (Tyrrhenian Tuscany)" digital archive. Maps, iconography and documents for a better understanding of landscape and cultural heritage

12:30-12:45      V. Frazzica, F. Galletti, M. Orciani, Gregorian Cadastre: the creation of a WebGis from historical cartography through the techniques of classification of satellite images

12:45-13:00      Discussion

13:00-15:00      Lunch Break

Session 6          Map collections, Digital Maplibraries, Archives, Web

15:00-15:15      K. Irás, I. Elek, Digital Map Collection and Map Database of the Eötvös Loránd University

15:15-15:30      E. Lo Sardo, A. Parisi, P. Buonora, Ruggieri’s Atlas of China online

15:30-15:45      X. Rubio, M. Yubero-Gómez, F.X. Hernández, C. Montaner, R.Roset,Maps of the Spanish Succession War (1700-1715): Contributions between map libraries and spatial analysis to commemorate an historical event

15:45-16:00      M. Tosti Croce, S. Pialli, Territori, the Italian web portal of cadastres and historical cartography

16:00-16:15      A. D’Ascenzo, A. Gallia, V. Santini, "The places of Roma Tre". A WebGIS for our University

16:15-16:30      Discussion

16:30-16:45      Coffee Break

Session 7         

16:45-17:45      Round Table: Conclusions, Closing



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